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don't tread on me

Have you ever wondered how this image came to be associated with the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me?”  Me too.  So, I googled.  Turns out I already knew it.  So do you.  Just go to the googles or the wikipedias and type in “Gadsden Flag” and BINGO!  Smarts.



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funny bumper sticker

‘Don’t Worry What People Think…’ bumper sticker, a funny bumper sticker posted by: kittyz202

Another truthful bumper sticker I saw while riding around.

Don’t worry what people think…they don’t do it very often.

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admin on April 21st, 2013
follow me to the moon

Follow Me to The Moon

The fact that this is a bumper sticker for a dueling piano bar makes me love it most of all.

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funny bumper sticker

Funny Linux Bumper Sticker, a funny bumper sticker posted by: Amarand Agasi

The ironic thing is that I process most of my images with Adobe Photoshop. :)

In a world without fences, who needs Gates? LINUX

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funny bumper sticker

Funny Bumper Sticker, a funny bumper sticker posted by: iirraa

An oldie but a goodie. lol

I used up all my sick days, so I called in dead

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Funny Bumper Stickers on April 7th, 2013

Forget a Knight in Shining Armor...I Want a Vampire in a Shiny Volvo!

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funny bumper sticker

Funny Bumper Stickers, a funny bumper sticker posted by: jrmski

Collection of fantasy bumper stickers

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admin on March 29th, 2013

So they aren’t bumper stickers, but these are kind of funny, yes?

Once we start approaching winter and plough through the windy and rainy season that is Autumn, our cars begin to bare the brunt of all that dirt and grime that covers our roads. This is made worse once the snow arrives and mixes with the road grit turning it to pure muddy slush which then covers our cars each day! No matter how often you spend your time washing and polishing your pride and joy it still builds a horrible grubby, greasy film all over its bodywork. So during winter time I, like many others, don’t bother cleaning my car whatsoever! Then of course, this dirt trap becomes the playground for pranksters and their dirty message humour!

You know the ones, “please wash me”, “clean me” and the favourite one at the moment, “I wish my wife was this dirty!” The usual childish pranks from friends or passers by.

Are They Talking About A Whale?


This one must have been written by a girl, getting her own back on a previous boyfriend maybe? Either that or they are stating that they have a small whale as a pet.

Nuts Subaru

grab life

This originates from a college and I think it’s very fitting! Grab life by the balls……and squeeze it into submission!

Rude Van


This guy really fancies a dirty wife but I think he should just wash his car more often and maybe he would get a little more action! Bet ya he regretted that one when he got home that night.

Dirty Boyfriend


This one takes the dirty wife/boyfriend one step further in true college humour by adding that yes he is! It suggets that he has slept with many different girls and they all agree that he is dirty and horrible.

Dirty Volvo

dirty volvo

Maybe the people who owned the car thought “Those dirty neighbours have been at it again, this time on my car bonnet!”  Or, maybe it’s a joke – who would get naked on a car that dirty?

ferrari butt

Probably the same chick who sat on this Ferrari.

Police Van


I think the police should keep their vehicles clean and shiny as this reflects upon how the public view the service. But this is really funny – it’s a prisoner trying to escape from bars drawn in the dirt! Good one.



This is quite a clever image of a fuzzy haired lady smoking a pipe while meditating. The artist has done well to use the cars parts for inspiration.

Fighting Peugeot

fighting peugeot

Peugeot’s majestic lion is fighting off an attack by what looks to be Godzilla, very clever!

Pastoral Van

pastoral scene

Mind you whoever drew this is not a bad artist really!

Family of 4 + Dog


This is so cool. Created on purpose by dirty car artist Scott Wade on this Toyota, he has captured the perfect family holiday with Mam, Dad, 2 children and their beloved family pet Fido, the Retriever. I wonder if he gets his dirt from vacuum cleaners?


happy holidays

Another one of Scott Wade’s dirt laden artistic creations, this time in celebration of the Christmas festivities on a Mazda’s rear window.

Well hope you had a little chuckle at some of these and if you don’t want someone scribbling all over your lovely car, then keep it clean!!!

Demon Chick xx

Car hire can be a dirty business.


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admin on March 25th, 2013
Honesty is valued here.

Honesty is valued here.

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Actually Im better with mustard

Actually I'm better with mustard

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